by Submareen

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Decline is the debut album of Submareen. Aiming for the classic hard rock sound, it is heavy on guitars and drums with some softer moments thrown in. Nine original tracks cover a range of musical styles from clean blues to classic hard rock and a touch of progressive to moments of noisy angry punk. Sick lyrics and even sicker guitar solos - claustrophobia with style.

The album was composed, arranged, recorded and produced by the band themselves, in chunks of their free time stolen away from loved ones, friends and slack leisure, during the course of 2011 and 2012, using their own gear in a rented out basement room with spartan conditions. Despite scarce heating, some amplifier tubes were nevertheless melted during the sessions.


released December 2, 2012

Submareen crew:

Tom Szilagyi - guitars, vocals
Péter Szilágyi - bass
Laszlo Lakatos - drums

with guest musician Sophie Füzi on backing vocals

All titles composed by Submareen
All lyrics written by Tom Szilagyi

Produced and engineered by Tom Szilagyi

Album artwork by Csilla Badacsonyi



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Submareen Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: She ain't human
life's been hitting hard on her
even before she saw daylight
born with an addiction
she never had a chance to fight

her life is a small addition
to population statistics
and the ads shaping her decisions
are simply another business

she ain't human
no, she ain't a woman
she ain't human in this world
but she will carry on

says sometimes she feels so high
it's almost unbearable
but come bad days the sky is falling
she's empty and vulnerable

doctor said sorry its too late, yeah
but these pills can make it better
her life's most precious moments are just
consumer goods to deliver

her waist-hip ratio's patented
by a global corporation
research and development
invested for market return

lowly agent of a cruel world
struggling on the run
born with a malfunction
addicted to love
Track Name: Without you
our story was the story
of the empty space between us
I was always hiding from you
the raw meat under my crust

now there is no release from
the accusation in your eyes
but I'm not meaning to hurt you
when I fall behind disguise
behind disguise

hiding in my shell that holds me
keeping away fear and pain
my emotions so far distanced
cannot reach me causing strain

my wall fills the space between
the ceiling and the naked floor
there is no one who could touch me
breaking my mind's little door

and still, I feel a strong need
to reach out, to find someone
somebody to stop me
from doing what I could have done

for it wasn't me, just my mind
who shut the door when you came
I didn't understand at all
but I have to take the blame

there's nothing left for me
to believe in, oh but anyway
I'm so weak alone, I can't go
to burn the whole world away

all living creatures must die
I'm no exception to the rule
it's only a lonely lifetime
I have to bear without you
without you
without you
without you
Track Name: Insomnia blues
working on the night shift
livin' like an owl
can't tell you how many times
I've been to the liquor store

I've got it so bad so long
since she has bid farewell
all I got is a pair of sneakers
and a story to tell

when you're feeling good
there's always room to make it worse
just a tap on your shoulders
and your life starts playing in reverse

sitting at the table
eating French cuisine
haven't slept for days and days
and now it's just routine

floating round in circles
I feel my headache through the swirl
can't stand the pretentiousness of this
shop-window world
Track Name: Naked words
happy unhappiness
unproven usefulness
eternal loneliness
a new state of mind

my nerves are under stress
when life’s so meaningless
can’t stand pretentiousness
of any kind

hopeless days of apathy
beauty with no harmony
fighting without dignity
it all feels so bad

her last kiss bites into me
promises that cannot be fulfilled
untrue sympathy driving me mad

it’s only naked words
flowing out my head
a shivering touch of slow decay
feeling coldness in my bed

the memories vanish in the air
like we’ve never lived as one
what remains beyond despair
is empty life under the Sun

people running round and round
in circles and from up to down
they always fall without of sound
before my two eyes

no point in being found
like dusty footsteps on the ground, forgotten
totally unbound by past and present lies
Track Name: Inches for cents
I'm a veteran of living
you're still in school
I'm perfect and amazing
you're just a fool

no matter what your friends say
your body's just my tool
so take it easy baby
and just play it cool

give up your ugly habit
of nosing how it's done
how everything I am
is all second to none

'cause now we all have it
set up for years to come
and that's why nobody's
talking to no one

I value my money
much more than your life
the girl of my dreams
is only black and white

your hot lips on my flesh
are just a substitute
sweet addiction
to a common prostitute
Track Name: Avoiding the 9-to-5 society
i. Evening

large groups of people in the city
they're only strangers in my territory
they come in waves all the time

y'know you're special in your conformity
so do what you're told now then come to me
standardized minds for controlled information

y'know you're special in your conformity
standardized minds for controlled information
standardized standardized standardized standardized
standardized minds

ii. Night


iii. Dawn

lying awake sweating fears
in your codeine high
just wanted to fall asleep
now you're learning to fly
Track Name: Die now, alone
the leaves of the trees
in my garden are falling down
shadows of my mind are growing old

the feeling is so clear
I have to leave this town
burn down the house I won’t call home

standing on the outside
in the cold for years by now
looking in to see the happy faces

I just can’t tell
why I couldn’t be like them
and I don’t think you’d really care

always laughing too loud
with the boys in the band
my castles of happiness
slowly turned to sand

how glad I’d be to sell
my soul for a single kiss
and a loving touch
from someone I can’t miss

I know, this is all untrue –
but I still feel the pain
my skies won’t shine blue
I see the end of the game

all my forests turned to desert,
barbed wire, and stone
I want to die now
I need to die now
please, let me die now,
Track Name: Prayer a-no-no
fill my ears with screams of violence
fill my eyes with sights of blood
could I ever run away from you
if you hit me from above?

fill my mind with evil deathwish
fill my heart with emptiness
trade a sea of selfish anger
for my cup of happiness

do what you please, I'm standing here
reach out with all your power
holding the aces in my hand
here I am, here I am, here I am, here I am

climbing the hills of my little wasteland
I could never get much higher
and this really ain't a prayer
a-no-no, a-no-no, a-no-no, a-no-no

fill my mouth with taste of dying
send me out on shifting sands
make my skin look dead and gray
with dirt I can't wipe off my hands

give me everlasting fever
sickness filling up my brain
only so much is your power
as much it makes me feel the pain

fill my soul with open-mindness
fill my heart with all true love
I could never run away from you
when you hit me
you striked me
you made me feel alone
from above
Track Name: You are on my mind
you are on my mind
long since you had gone
all those things surrounding me
that we had left undone

the words spinning in my head
I was longing to say
but never had the nerve to tell
and now you're far away

you are on my mind all this time
you are on my mind
you are on my mind
how I miss you all this time
you are on my mind

having such a wonderous time
playing jokes on all those lies
about big boys playing big games
in the big playground of life

little space between our eyes
our two hands fit together
it felt so good but I knew
this couldn't last forever

sometimes I get a feeling
I should go out and get you
but I know it's better to stay behind

my words won't come out right
from the moment I see you
your eyes would make me hypnotized

you are on my mind all this time
you are on my mind
don't close your eyes, I want to see them
see your beautiful eyes

something that I'm sure will stay
as seasons come and go
I'll always recall these days
and still love you so

you are on my mind
how I missed you all this time
you are on my mind
don't close your eyes, I want to see them
see your beautiful eyes

see your beautiful eyes
see your beautiful eyes